Using an external hd?

I’ve read somewhere, maybe in the manual, that it would be good to have the tracks on an external hd and using the internal just to do the recording and mixing operations. But, isn’t it worse doing the transfer to an external device? I mean, if I have a track on an external hd, when I work on it the computer must do transfers continously slowing down the process. Or?

there’s no definitive answer to this question, certainly not today where we live in a world of SSDs and so forth. In principle, since your operating system is using your internal drive for its own purposes, it ought to be slightly better using an external drive. But whether that is true in the real world depends on large number of factors including the nature of the drives, the operating system you’re using, what other software does (or does not) do with the drives. For example. there’s almost no doubt that if you use a USB2 external spinning drive that runs at 5400 rpm, and have an internal drive that is an SSD with plenty of space, you should not use the external one for recording. But there are really so many possibilities here that you really have to experiment.

The other important story is that for most new-ish computers, these sorts of questions just don’t matter anymore. Put the session where it works best for you.

Ok, thanks. Until now I didn’t have any problem using the internal hd. In the future I’ll change for a ssd, so it will be even better.