Using a USB microphone with Ardour on a laptop computer

I am new to this and am trying to connect my new USB mic to Ardour. The mic works great and Ardour works great but is inputting from the lap top built in mic.

just don’t know how to make Ardour see the USB mic

On which platform do you use Ardour?

If it’s Linux: Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup, use Audio System: ALSA, then select the USB mic as “Input Device”.

After you’ve followed @x42’s advice, head over and read

Thank you ! Windows 10 and I have selected the USB mic in the settings, Mic works perfect in windows but when I open Ardour , Ardour is still using the laptop ‘built in’ mic

Which settings? System settings, or the ones in Ardour’s Audio/MIDI setup dialog?

Windows settings have been set, The mic works well in the windows environment. I guess what I need to know is where the Ardour settings are

Window > Audio/MIDI Setup


Hey thank you! Found it ! Also I read and understand about the USB mic. At this stage I’m not worried about high fidelity so much. Just want to prove it is possible for me to make demos from home. Thank you again.

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