using a Tascam US-144mkII with linux/ardour

hi all

i’ve been using my US-144mkII with a mac with no problems but would like to get it running with my linux laptop if possible

anyone know if this is doable, and if so how i get the drivers needed etc??

linux novice, but with expert at next desk!

cheers for now



Tascam US-122, 224 and 428 are well supported in Linux, US-122L has support in recent Kernels but I’m not sure if the firmware is readily available or not. I’m not familiar with the US-144mkII but I haven’t seen or heard mention of it being supported in Linux my guess would be probably not.

see this:

This short search tells me it should be possible to use the us122 method using the us144 firmware. Don´t ask me more, I don´t have the device.