Using a Roland VS-890 with Ardour


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten a dedicated Linux recording workstation set up and working using Ardour along with the other common Linux studio apps (Rosegarden, Hydrogen, et. al.). After some initial trials and tribulations more related to me gaining an understanding of the Linux studio environment than any single application, I now have a studio set up that is working well and I’m enjoying it a lot. I do however have two questions, both relating to a barely-used Roland VS-890 that I have stored away in a closet in my studio/office.

Before I get into that I’ll detail my setup for future reference:
Ubuntu Studio on a box consisting of a Intel motherboard, 2.2GHz Intel Dual-core processor, 2.5Gb of RAM, and a 250Gb SATA HD.
M-Audio Delta-66 PCI soundcard with a M-Audio Omni I/O interface.
Korg Triton Le being used for the usual keyboard functions as well as outboard sequencing.
Digitech GNX4 sometimes being used as a alternate recording interface and/or effects processor.

The first question I have is whether or not the VS-890 would add any appreciable functionality to my studio. I don’t really feel like I need the VS-890 for anything at the moment but there may well be uses down the road that I’m not seeing at the moment. One of the thoughts I had was to use the VS-890 when I’m at a friend’s house jamming or something similar.

The second question is about how to interface the VS-890 to Ardour if I did ultimately use it for something else, like recording outside of my studio. My other motive for asking that question is that the VS-890 currently holds a mostly complete song co-written by an old friend of mine who died of cancer 4 years ago. I’d love to be able to get at least the guitar tracks off the 890 and into Ardour so that I can finish the song for distribution to the people who knew him. It is, as far as I’m aware, the last song he wrote and it’s definitely the last recording he did before he died.

One last thing: I’m not recording anything too involved. Primarily just rock-type stuff with using Hydrogen for drum tracks along with live bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals. Occasionally I’ll use MIDI for strings, piano, etc.

Thanks in advance for all your help!