Using a Firewire device (M-Audio Profire 2626) connected to another device via optical cable (Focusrite Octopre Mkii)

I am trying to use a Firewire device with an external device connected via Optical on Linux.

FYI: This setup works fine on the same Laptop (dual boot) Mac OS (El Capitan) but I had to install a mixer/driver from M-Audio. Confirming that the devices work and wirings are correct.

On Linux both devices work independently, but I don’t know how to use them together.
I connected 2 microphones, 1 to each device and was able to record only from 1 device at a time.

In qjackctl I can select each device, but how can I use both in Ardour?

If I select the interface (and restart jack)

  • FW2626(hw:1) = Using M-Audio only. 10 inputs available
  • FW2626(hw:1,0) = (same as above)
  • FW2626(hw:1,1) = Using Focusrite only. 16 input available (not sure why 16 show up)


  • MacBook 2010 - Ubuntu Studio 18.10
  • Ardour 5.12
  • Jack with ALSA driver

Audio Hardware:

  • M-Audio - ProFire 2626 - connected via Firewire to Macbook
  • Focusrite Octopre mkii - connected with Optical cable + Wordclock

Focusrite settings:

  • Wordclock
  • Locked

It seems like it requires the use of the internal DSP mixer to do what you want, based off this quote from the product page:

The adaptable onboard DSP mixer allows you to select from any of the 26 hardware inputs and 26 software returns as sources for any of its 18 input channels—allowing you to create up to eight stereo mixes. You can also create presets and instantly recall these setups at a later date.

It seems like you have to program the DSP mixer to use the outboard preamps as inputs. Most interfaces do not work like this in my experience for the record, this is odd.


I used this setup around 2011 to record ~18 tracks on a Mac + Pro Tools without having to do anything custom.
Maybe my memory is failing me, but I thought I had also tried this on a Linux system around 2-3 years ago using some kind of FFADO setup, but I don’t recall how.

Do you mean the ffado-mixer or something else?

Honestly not familiar with that interface, but my suspicion is likely something else, it may need to be set up in OS X or Windows and then plugged in to Linux, but again I don’t know that particular interface so I am not a good reference on it, I just got that information above from the page on the interface on the manufacturer website.