Using a Behringer audio interface and guitarix

I have a Behringer usb audio interface and I wish to connect my electric guitar to guitarix and record it with all the effects, in ardour. I am using ardour in Ubuntu studio19. I am a newbie to Linux and audio production. Can someone please provide me with stepwise instructions to doing it??

Thank you

Hello there @Abhigya,
it will take some effort to find your way around Linux, but if you manage, it will be rewarding.

Guitarix is not the easiest software to use in Ardour. You’d either have to connect through Jack or generate an LV2 plugin through Carla. Both is not exactly newbie territory. If someone knows an easier approach please post.

As a first step, you might get some results by simply setting up Guitarix standalone with this video link:

If you managed that … and had a nice jam … you can connect to record in Ardour through Jack. If you run into problems please post, so people here can help you. :desert_island::sunglasses:

Thank you for your attention @somethis1. But I just realised my problem after watching this video. My audio interface isn’t showing up in Ubuntu! But i remember it showed up on one of the previous versions. I checked for drivers and Linux drivers aren’t available for my model! Can something be done?

There is no need to “generate an LV2 plugin through Carla”. Most of Guitarix’ processing is already available as distinct LV2 plugins.

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There are no special drivers for a class-compliant USB audio device, which I believe the Behringer device you are trying use is. If it doesn’t show up, it isn’t because of “missing drivers”.

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So what should I do?

You could try a copy of AVLinux and see if the device is recognized. That distro is specifically setup for recording audio from a proper interface. I have a Behringer UMC1820, and it works on that OS with no fuss. If AVLinux solves your issue, you could stick with it or get on the Ubuntu forums to figure out what is going wrong there.

Ah, I must have been reciting some outdated information. Ran a testinstall and it worked without a problem through the repositories in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

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Hello @Abhigya
when I switched my audio processing from Windows based Cubase to Ubuntu based Ardour I was facing the same problem my: my M-AUDIO interface just didn’t show up in the system. It was frustrating!

Now there are two ways to approach this. You can either check for solutions or post yourself in one of the forums e.g. here

… or you can switch your hardware device to one which is more compatible to Ubuntu. What I did was really straightforward … if you’re on a budget simply sell your interface on Craigslist or whatever is available in your country. At the same time look for hardware that is most likely compatible. I don’t know what hardware you have but my research back done revealed that focusrite interfaces hardly cause problems. If you’re really unsure you could order from a shop with a good return policy.

Might sound like a bummer but it’s a lot faster than going crazy over incompatible hardware.

Please keep us posted, cheers Tom

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I am using Behringer 320usb.and it is said to be compatible with Ubuntu on the Amazon consumer questions. I posted a similar thread on the Behringer community and they’ve begun troubleshooting. I hope they come up with something.
Thank you for your attention @somethis1