Users, are you pleased with colors of Ardour's style ?

Hello everybody,

Do you not think that some part of Ardour are too dark ?
For example, I don’t like the black color background of the file manager (import files, choose a path, option window where you can choose the output bus ect…). Added up with grey police, it’s not simple to read and irritating. I would have preference for a light-colored background + a black police.

I know I could create my own style, but I would know your judgement and I am tired to fiddle with the conf file…

I like the current style… but I think it would be nice to have the possibility to choose from a variety of styles.

i agree. the current style is pretty nice. i haven’t had any trouble with it at all.

A light style is on the way.

personally, i think the current sylte is excellent. Looks great and easy on the eyes. Sometimes i change the waveform to a purpleish colour, though.


i think this was suggested before, but the best way to allow this would be to somehow separate the elements such as flashing record button etc from standard gtk coloring. this way you could load in any gtk color theme and just have the ‘extras’ loaded on top. from looking at the gtkrc file of ardour though i think there is a lot of stuff to sort through.

As an isolated theme, it is fast and the colours are cohesive. The only problem I find is the brightness of the insensitive menu items - they stand out more than all the sensitive items because of their extra shadow effect and stronger colour.

A simple check box in the Options Editor window called “Use system theme” (when using Gnome) would be great for those that prefer their apps to fit well together - as the Ardour colours are quite different from most other Gtk themes.

Excellent interface, though!

I love it, period. :smiley:

-copied from the ardour-dev ML-

SVN Commit - r1917

This commit changes what used to be known as the ColorManager dialog to
the ThemeManager. At the top of the dialog is an option to select
between 2 themes, light and dark. Dark is the current theme. Light is
a new theme I created, but note that it’s not complete yet. Here are
screenshots of the 2 different options as selected from the ThemeManager

This new method for loading/reloading themes made it possible to remove
a bunch of the early handling of the rcfile during startup. I sure hope
I didn’t break anything :slight_smile:

The monitoring options are now global instead of session specific.

Still to do is to finish up the light theme, and add all of the canvas
colors in the Theme Manager to the Configuration system so they are
saved along with the theme selection.


YES, very pleased…
though i have edited a few tiny things here and there ;]

Q: Users, Are You Pleased With Colors Of Ardour’s Style ?
A: Yes