User MIDI map causes unexpected behavior

Working with: Ardour 3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

When I place a MIDI map file in $HOME/.config/ardour3/midi_maps, two strange things happen:

  1. The map file appears twice in the Midi Bindings dropdown.
  2. The system MIDI binding maps no longer appear.(/opt/Ardour-3.0_14207/share/midi_maps/*)

The following should be noted:

  • If I move my map to the system midi_maps folder, it appears only once, along with the other system maps.
  • Regardless of its location, the map file is loaded properly, works as expected, and produces no error whatsoever.
  • I've gone over the map file with a fine-tooth comb, and checked it with xmllint. There seems to be nothing wrong with it.
  • As a test, I removed my map completely, and moved (rather than copied) one of the maps included with Ardour 3 into my local midi_maps directory, without modification. This caused the same behavior as did my map: only the local map appears in the dropdown, and it appears twice.
  • In either case, restarting Ardour makes no difference.
  • At no time did any map exist in more than one location.

Have I missed something, or should this be reported as a bug?


Report as a bug.