Useing OSC for personal moniterings

Hello. I am trying to connect a phone to Ardour to use as an external control surface using OSC. I have read the manual section on this, but still can not seem to get it to work.

What I have done so far is as follows:
On the app (andrOSC) I have set the IP adress to match that of what the computer says it is (I think?) and the port to 8000.
In Ardour I have enabled OSC, set the port to manual and 8000.
I have created a button that supposedly sends the command /cue/aux 1 which to my understanding selects bus 1 for the future commands to control. I have also created a button that should send the command /cue/mute 1.0 which I think should mute that bus. When it hit those buttons in order however nothing happens.

I’m not sure if the two devices aren’t linked properly (I know very little about networking), or if the sent command is wrong or doesn’t do what im looking for, or if its not sending the command and is a problem with the app, or any number of other things. I have been trying to diagnose the problem by breaking it down into steps and possible issues and testing each one but still cant get it to work.

Does anyone know anything about this topic that might help or has done it before? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I am trying to remember why I did not pursue androsc. (I did try it, though not as a personal monitor controller) In any case, I should ask what version of Ardour you are using, the manual page says it should be at least 5.7. I would suggest setting debug to log all messages (in the OSC gui) so that you can see what Ardour is receiving from androsc. The log window is opened by clicking on the little box with a dot in it at the top right of the main screen. One thing that has surprised me a few times (even though I know it) has been my aux bus being connected to master. The bus you are using as your personal monitor master must not have it’s output connected to the master bus. If the output of you personal monitor bus is connected to master out, it will not be considered an available AUX. Hmm, Len wonders why androsc needs “in-app purchases”, Have you tried “Control”?

Ok, I installed androsc. It can work with Ardour. However, the Port in the setup is not the receive port but rather the send port and should be set to 3819. Mute would have to be a toggle not a button. I was able to make a very quick map with androsc with a connect button (/cue/aux 1), a mute toggle (/cue/mute 1.0/0.0) and a slider (/cue/fader 1.0/0.0… the fader came backwards with 0 at the top and 1 at the bottom). This did work, but like I said has no feedback. This app only sends, it does not have any setup to receive osc. So if the mute is triggered in the GUI, your controller has no way of knowing that. I understand not wanting to pay for TouchOSC ( ), so you want a free app. The only one that I know that plays reasonably with Ardour (is reasonably capable in other words) and free is Control. I should make a map for personal monitoring on that, but have not had time since personal monitoring came into being. I have installed and tried every free OSC app that I could find about a year ago and was quite disappointed. is a dedicated android app to control Ardour via OSC with available source code (I don’t know what license, but it seems to be free).

x42, that would be overkill and probably not do what was wanted in this case. ie: one fader/knob and toggle to control one bus level and mute, plus as many knobs fit on the screen to control all the sends that are directed at that bus. Nothing more and must fit on a 4inch phone screen. Ardmix (which is very nice) would not fit this application… and if you did manage to fit it on a phone screen would be too hard to use for someone who knew what they were doing, let alone a performer with little or no mixing experience. I am working on a map for Control (a free android app maybe ios?) that is a work-alike to: which is for touchosc. (I should really have made a session with more realistic channel names for that screenshot)

Awesome thanks! I did not know the debug could also log. That is very helpful. I also have control and was playing with that to see if it could work and can switch to that.

Has anyone used Open Stage Control before with Ardour? (

geofolded: For Control try It looks like:

I have used open stage control. I use it for Ardour OSC code development. So far as I know it does not run on Android or iOS and so would have to be run on the Ardour box and then the phone/tablet would have to use chrome to render it. I have used it both on the Ardour box and as a web page through android and it does work. Open Stage Control is very flexible and has a nice built in editor though the layout file is also editable with a text editor.

If you want something native to android that is really flexible I would try Lemur. (though it costs even more than TouchOSC)