Use Tascam US-428 as control surface?


I’ve got a few problems trying to use my Tascam US-428 with Ardour.

First, I can’t seem to record from inputs 3 & 4 on my Tascam. I think this might be a jackd problem, but if anyone knows how to get them working, that’d be great.

Second, I’ve been trying to get the Tascam transport controls to work with Ardour; I’ve got it working so I can assign a fader to a mixer level by control-middle-clicking, but the Play, Stop, Record controls don’t seem to do anything. I’ve got MMC checked in the Options window, and I’ve got the MIDI device in QJackctl routed to the Ardour seq port, but pressing the buttons on the Tascam don’t do anything.

I’d really like to get it all working correctly, does anyone have any advice?