Use of Ardour Logo on CD artwork

Hi everybody.

My brother recorded and mixed his first album using ardour, and he wants to include the ardour logo on the back cover of the CD. I’ve searched on the forum before posting, and according to what Paul said on this thread (, this is permitted.

But I was unable to find a png (or a svg) with the icon and the name “ardour” below it, just like the way it appears on the splash screen. On the source tree there is the splash image, but I need one with a transparent background.

Where can I find such image? Is it really ok to use it on the CD?


Thanks people!

I wanted the image without the “Made with”, so I edited the .xar archive and removed it from the Made with logo. Hope there is no problem with that, but I prefer the whole logo in just one color.

@paul: the .xar and the .svg images are just in the svn repo. They are not in the tarball


P.S.: Soon the album will be ready and I will share with those of you who would like to know it :slight_smile:

leandromarco, I have a copy of that image on my dropbox. In fact, I took the original and made two alternate versions depending on your exact situation:

https://dl dot dropbox dot com/u/11283721/ardour_made dot png

https://dl dot dropbox dot com/u/11283721/ardour_mastered dot png

https://dl dot dropbox dot com/u/11283721/ardour_mixed dot png

In case it’s not obvious you need to reassemble those links. I don’t want any robots downloading them and wasting my dropbox bandwidth.

@leandromarco: the source for all images is in the source code. You would need to get it from svn or the latest tarball. I guess we should put copies somewhere on