Use Novation Remote SL MK ii in touch mode

Hello, I am thinking about buying a Novation Remote Zero SL MK ii. One of the main options I want to use is to assign the endless encoders to control the volume faders in Ardour 2 with feedback in touch mode.

All elements on the Remote are touch sensitive but I wonder if this is enough to use it in touch mode with ardour.

I have not found any information about a special MIDI Parameter called touch or something like that, so I want to know, if it will be possible.

Can someone test it and tell me the conclusion.

In the Ardour manual in the section about automations is said, that only Mackie Protocol send these signals, but on the other hand what means the touch sensivity on the Novation than.


Ah, of cause I want to use the Novation in advanced mode, that means only as a Hardware MIDI controller, without automap.

Mackie Control or the mouse yes.

The way that MIDI bindings work in A2 there is no possible way to define a signal to be a ‘TOUCH’ signal. It just treats it like any other MIDI signal and binds it to the control you are attempting to bind(Meaning touch may actually cause things to not work well).

A3 on the other hand has a very different method and much more flexible, so it may be possible to do it in A3, but again confirming the Novation actually sends a TOUCH midi signal first is important:)


Do you mean, the touch option in Ardour 2is working only for Mackie Control?

You cannot do this in Ardour2.

If the Novation actually sends signals on touch, then you might be able to do this in A3, I would have to check the docs on how to write a map with TOUCH support, it has been a while. But the first thing to confirm is that the Novation actually sends out TOUCH signals to start with.