Use Midi to Control Events in Ardour

I already know how to enable General MIDI in Ardour and ctrl+middle click to bind it to faders and pots (including those inside ladspa plugins)

However, I was wondering if you can bind MIDI events to other things, like enabling/disabling ladspa plugins (bypass/activate), muting and unmuting channels, solo’s etc and more advanced things.

The reason is I’d like to invest in a pedal board like the Behringer FCB-1010, and am not sure how to effectively use it in Ardour.

What I’d like to do (as a Guitar player, pianist, violinist) is: -

  • Control Volume (Check! Bind it to either a master volume fader, or channel fader)
  • Control expression (Wah! Check! Bind it to a fader in a wah ladsp plugin)
  • Use it perhaps as a multi-stompbox (Enable/Disable various plugins)
  • Use it perhaps to recall previously set presets
  • Stop/Start playing (I think this is already possible)


We do not have binding to plugin bypass buttons, but it would be relatively easy to do. You should add it as a feature request on the bug tracker.

Recalling presets is quite a bit more complex. Feel free to file that one too, but you should include a lot of detail about how you imagine a MIDI CC message mapping to a particular preset? Are they in alpha-numeric sort order by name, for example?

Start/Stop playing is already possible, and if you have a MIDI controller that can send MMC (MIDI Machine Control), you won’t even need to set up the bindings - Ardour understands MMC and will respond to Level1 and some Level2 commands (including all the obvious transport control stuff)