Use Delta1010 and Firepod simultaniously

I have a larger recording project coming up, and I need at least 10 preamp channels (on a budget). I can get my hands on a Firepod and I already have a Delta1010. Can those two be used together with JACK? One must specifiy the driver backend for JACK, so I figured, this might not be possible (using a n alsa card and a freebob interface at the same time…).

Sorry, lots of questions from me here lately, but I’d rather ask then end up with a bleeding nose (so to speak)

You might be able to have jack running with one backend, and a local instance of netjack running with the other backend as a slave to the regular jack daemon.

Combining two audio interfaces is always very difficult. Especially since freebob doesn’t offer alsa drivers and you would have to combine two different jack backends. Getting two soundcards working together needs two things: you need to sync the cards to eachother physically (via wordclock, or spdif or another protocol with sync) and you need to perform black magic on the computer side to make it work.

The end result of such operations is always shaky. In the end, it’s way more cost efficient to just buy a proper device in the first place.

You can get 10 channels with the delta 1010 if you have an external spdif capable A/D unit.

Yeah, so I will probably end up, using the firepod as a frontend to the Delta1010. It has a digital output so I will probably use it in that way…

Recommend Delta 66

If you can get your hands on a Delta 66 this might be the easier solution. The Delta’s can be synced together by sending the digital output of 1 unit to the digital input of the other, and setting the receiving one to be clock synced to the first. I tried this before selling my 66 and it worked beautifully.