Use CC messages aand midi learn ?

Hi folks,

Every newbie posts always start almost the same way.

Well, I’m new on Ardour and something does not work, and I’ve been digging google and the forum and could not find any help.

So, here’s my problem.

I’m using Ardour3 with an Axiom 25.

When I use the premade maps for transport, it seems to work. I can start and stop the track with my keyboard.

But when I want to do automation, there appears the problem.

I can learn from the pitch wheel, and from note on/off, but not from CC controllers ( modulation wheel and knobs ). When I ctr + mouse 2 and then play with a knob, the little window disappears, like it has learnt something, but then nothing occurs when I turn the knob.

So I used kmidimon to try to understand, and it seems that the problems only comes from CC midi messages.

Do you have any idea of what kind the problem it is ?



I found something that didn’t catch my attention at the beginning.
It’s about feedback, but it should have been solved in Ardour2 already.

So here is the problem, with more details.

When feedback is ticked in the preferences windows, Ardour does not learn from midi control (CC).

When feedback is unticked, Ardour learns from CC (knobs, and modulation), but not always, it depends (on what I don’t know), and when knobs are bound to some faders in Ardour, let’s say to a volume fader, the values coming from the knobs are only taken into account if the value of the fader (in Ardour) is about the same. For example, I have a knob set to 0 (on my keyboard), and a fader set to 100 in Ardour, if I move the knob, nothing happens, but once my knob comes around 100, then it starts to work.

Any ideas ?


I could discuss this with you, but I’m not going to do it on a web forum. Find me on IRC (see the Support page for details as “las”). Massively more efficient, assuming we can find a time when we are both on IRC and active.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try to spend more time on IRC see, you there.