Use Ardour to load DSP effects into sound card DSPs

In linux, some sound cards have DSP chips on them. I think it would be nice to use the Ardour frontend to load DSP effects into the sound card hardware.
E.g. The Creative Audigy cards, or the EMU cards (driver for linux available soon, I am still writing it)


somehow my post was wiped when i submitted … can’t be bothered to write it again, except to say “it would rock to have an easy DSP loader for emu10k1!” … ld10k1 in alsa has always scared me.

after Lee’s multi-channel efforts, having easy DSP capabilities would cure my longing for kx project.

I would assume it would make a lot more sense to create LADSPA or LV2 plugins which use the capabilities of the said hardware than to write support for only Ardour. Wouldn’t it be more productive to make the DSP chips’ power available to all plugin hosts and not just ardour?