Use Ardour, Remix Real World, Gain Listeners & Fame!

It would be great if some Ardour users could participate in the latest Real World Remixed competition. The last one featured dramatic remixes of Peter Gabriel's Shock The Monkey, including some truly remarkable work that utterly transformed the song (be sure to listen to "A Monkey named Don Jose" and "The Trees").

This month's competition is based on a song by Joi, a Bengali group with lots of influences from all over. You download a pack of samples, load them into Ardour (its really easy!) and start mixing/editing/recording. If you take part, be sure to mention that you used Ardour and/or other free software tools. Jump to it!

ardour is a disk mixer and the disk mixing can be edited with the best clarity.
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I made an intention to make some information available. A patch containing the modifications to the docbook source is preferred but if a documentation bug is filed with some accompanying documentation in an open format I am willing to do the conversion. Autozubehör