Use another forum script?

I think this forum plugin for Drupal really gets bombarded by bots and such. Why not switch to something else like PHPBB or maybe implement some type of visual code confirmation to this one? I just jumped in and saw a lot of crap posted everywhere by a user called deewang!

Amizing spam!

Don’t assume that phpBB is any better - if anything it gets the most bot attention of all.

Funny enough, all my post since mid June have been tagged as spam and I’ve had to fill in a CAPTCHA. And posting a link was impossible as the filter wouldn’t let me.

Though this behaviour seems to have stopped in the last days since my latest post [which included two links] and this one hasn’t been caught

I would be glad to help cleaning out spam if you’d like, but still I think this forum needs some tweaking or additional security setup.

Its not as simple a problem as you would think. We use a spam service called Mollom, which for a long time was in good shape, but lately it seems that is getting worse, and this isn’t only affecting us. I have a couple of suggestions I am going to bring up to Paul and others to see if we can help with this, in the meantime I will see about passing along your request to help as well.