Use Akai Midimix with Ardour

Not sure if this is the right forum, but how can I use Akai Midimix at all it’s potential?

I mean, I want to use it as mixer device with Ardour, and I can do that since Ardour allows me to do midi bindings (or midi learn).
I can bind all faders and knobs to any virtual faders and knobs Ardour has, but what about banks? Midimix has the cool feature to set different tracks to different banks (since it has only 8 control “lines”) and change them with “bank left” and “bank right” buttons.

So question is - can I use banks?
I tried to connect Midimix to all Ardour’s midi ports, such as MMC in, Scene in, etc. But it had no effect.

I also have a question about using Ardour with external standalone device, but I’ll ask about it in another thread, maybe later.

The manual documents how to use control surfaces. You have several choices:

  1. MIDI learn : this is a direct binding to controls in the current session. Does not map across sessions.
  2. Write a MIDI map for the device. Fully documented in the manual and with about a dozen examples for many different devices.
  3. If it supports Mackie Control, use our Mackie Control support. You may need to cook up a new device file, again starting from one of the examples.

Thank you for answer.

I’ve created two midi maps for Midimix and placed them in two pull requests on project’s github page.
Hope that’ll help.

Perfect. They look … nicely documented. I’ll merge them ASAP.

Thank you. I’ve done all of this according to documentation and other midi maps I found in Ardour’s installation folder.
And I had to add some description to what I’ve done because it may be confusing why there “EQ mode” and “Normal mode” and what’s the difference.

I’ve tested both maps on four of my sessions and both maps work well. The only problem here is that with second mapping (EQ mode) a user has to add “a-EQ” plugin before applying the map.
I also noticed that sometimes “rec arm” buttons can lit, and sometimes they can not. I don’t know why that happens, but it toggles recording anyway, as it should.
All “mute” buttons can be lightened on a press, though.

I used “midisnoop” to get note numbers (had to do so since Midimix sends “note on / note off” on keypresses), so I think it would be great to mention that little tool on “using control surfaces” manual page near “gmidimon” and “kmidimon” (since none of them shows note number with Midimix by the way).