Use a template by default

Hello everybody,

I’m new to this forum but use Ardour for about two years.

Now I have the question: is it possible to change the default settings of ardour.

I know, that I can just use templates every time, while building new projects. But can I made some default settings.

For example I do not need two of the time screens and want to shut down one of them.

Maybe there is a default template, which I can just replace with my own one…

Thanks for helping…

@stanislav: nope, there is no default template. Please file a feature request in the bug tracker. This will not appear in 2.X but might appear in some 3.X version.

Thank you for the quick answer. A sad one is better than nothing.

Hey stanislav,

I don’t think it’s so sad - as you pointed out, you can create your own templates, and when you are creating a new project, just manually use these templates. It’s only 2 clicks more!