use a synth

Hello everyone! how do I use this plugin to make it sound of ardor

Where are you? Do you need help installing? Adding the plugin to a track? Using the plugin? Or is it not working?

I managed to install ardor without problems, but I can not import this plugin and then I’d like also to make it sound, but I can not :frowning:

I have ubuntu, how do I do this thing that you told me?
and these instructions go well for all plugins?

but all the plugins are installed? you can not drag and drop like the vst? (even changing the type of plugin, I do not have to use force to lv2)

in practice, I would add a plugin in this list if there is an easy way :slight_smile:

Tell iacoposk8, not me. :slight_smile:

Ubuntu packaged a ton of plugins into one DEB file. It’s called Ubuntu-studio-plugins or Ubuntu-studio-audio-plugins or something like that.