I need to interface an Alpha Link MADI AX to a laptop that has USB 2 and 3. The interface can be USB to MADI, or ADAT.

After poking around ALSA and these forums I need to ask for your current knowledge and expertise.

I found a driver for the pci RME MADI FX by Adrian Knoth, but it’s unclear whether it’s working. I sent him an email, but no response yet. No surprise because this isn’t a USB device, so I couldn’t use it anyway.

Assuming a working interface exists, I’ll need the Ardour Wet Record feature released immediately. :slight_smile:

You need to specify how many channels. ADAT is 8 per port; MADI is typically 28, 56, 32 or 64 channels. If you want “all” of them, that’s a different kind of problem than if you want 8.

I note that both the RME and DigiCo solutions require drivers for Windows and OS X/macOS, which rules them out on Linux.

Same story with the MOTU M64 - even though it uses their lovely device-independent control app (via a browser), it requires device drivers because it is not class compliant.


It is worth having a conversation with MOTU and RME on this actually. I have spoken with both of them either via email or tradeshows that indicates they think it may (Key word there of course) work on Linux via USB, however I cannot confirm it working myself.


They all ship drivers for Windows and macOS, and nobody mentions an iPad. Not a good sign. MOTU even boasts about their driver performance.

Yea, if they don’t mention iPad that sounds worrisome, but I believe some of RME’s like the MADIFacePro (USB Madi Interface) are Class Compliant and mentions it on their site. I was fairly certain MOTU’s were as well, but maybe that is their non-madi things.

Paul, I need 24 channels. Thanks for the responses guys.

@rtp I have been researching the LP32:

This device “should” theoretically be able to work on Linux (but I have not confirmed it)

(MOTU states that it is "USB 2 audio class compliant, USB 3 and iOS compatible)

MOTUs page specifically mentions their own drivers though … so someone needs to reconcile that.

Ah, I was commenting on the MOTU MADI interface, not the LP32.

@paul & @rtp just got an email back from MOTU and the LP32 should work on Linux… Looks like a good mobile (and desktop) solution.

I also looked at a few DIY open source hardware interfaces, but I don’t think they are ready yet for plug and play. (Pity as ADAT patent has run out IIRC)

@alexmitchellmus nice find, thank you.