USB Recording interface

Can anybody recommend a USB recording interface for a DELL-UBUNTU Studio (9.04) - Ardour setup? I am running out of options the TASCAM 224 I have does not work on DELL computers just on my Acer mini laptop. The M-Audio Fasttrack USB (not PRO) I purchased is not recording everything else works. The BEHRINGER interface I have is recording a very low signal and Ardour does not support amplifying the input signal.

Kindly let me know what you are all using to record under Linux…


I’m using a TASCAM US-428 on a Dell Inspiron 640m (with AVLinux 2.0r2). Have no idea why your 224 (same chip and FPGA) isn’t working with your Dell, unless it’s a Ubuntu issue. Used the US-428 last night for several hours, in fact. The only issue has been getting the us428control application to stay running on hotplugging; works fine once I manually start us428control. The hotplug script starts it with the & properly; and I’ve even tried using nohup to start it, and it still blows itself out. Still researching why.

What sort of Dell is this?

As far as amplifying the low level signal, I think there is a gain plugin available that could go in as a prefader insert. To get more level you’d need to go into the mixer application for the BEHRINGER; alsamixer or similar, and see what sort of gain adjustments you can get there.

I always appreciate your comments. Thanks. All Dell Inspiron 1000 - 1500 and Vostro 1000 units do not work with identical setup I have on my Acer Mini Laptop. On the Acer the Tascam 224 works fine is just no computer to record on it. I will look into the ALSA input settings for the BEHRINGER to get more juice out of it. I would be interested in knowing about the pre-fader plugin.

Have a great weekend!