USB Microphones

I’m looking at some of these awesome USB Microphones the Shure has out now. Particularly the Shure PG27USB. Has anyone used these on Linux? Most sound devices I’ve tried work perfectly, but I’d hate to drop $200 to find out it’s not compatible.

If it’s not a good option, what would you guys suggest?

If you’re planning on running Ardour without xruns, my advice is to steer clear of USB mics.

Originally, I had bought a nice Samson C-1U that proved to be defective. I replaced it with a Behringer C-1U, and the xruns were ferocious!

After a nice chat with the kind folks here, I dumped the USB since the mic was out of sync with the rest of the audio system.

I purchased two Behringer C-3 condenser mics, a Behringer mixer that had phantom power, and a nice M-Audio 1010LT audio card. No more xruns and everything works flawlessly.

Mind you, I was advised, when I returned the first mic, to consider this route, but thought it too expensive. My advice - bite-the-bullet and get a decent setup - forget the USB route.

Take it for what it’s worth!


Depends if you trust trusted reviews:

I have a Samson C1 (the xlr one). It’s never let me down.

Don’t bother if you want to do recording with Ardour.

There are a FEW, and I do mean VERY few, that you might be able to do something with, but in general these are half-duplex devices, and not exactly high quality anyways. They are designed for podcasting with very basic software, not what Ardour is intended to be used with.


I was able to record with the H4 as a usb audio device, using built in mics or xlr/trs combo jacks for external mics. I never really had x run problems with it either. Though I now use an fp10, it served me well for the time I used it as an interface.