USB input/output ports

(Macdroid53) #1

Sorry for the somewhat off topic post, but, I thought there might be someone here who knows.

When I plug in the USB on my X32 it shows up with the inputs and outputs as chosen in the X32. (8x8, 8x32, etc.)

The ports can then be used in Ardour as normal. (Side note: I recently added the new Ubuntu Studio Controls and have been doing a lot of experimenting between the firewire alsa and ffado drivers on one of my PC’s…fun that.)

My question is what ports show up if you plug in a Xenyx 802 USB. Do I just get the 8 inputs and 2 outputs (not expecting more, just want to know if it just “works” as seemless as the X32.)


(Robin Gareus) #2

Ardour does not directly intact with the soundcard. It always uses OS drivers (on all platforms).
So if the devices works with Linux, it’ll work with Ardour.

As for the device at hand, Xenyx 802 is USB class-compliant (does not need a driver) and hence should also work with Linux. Searching the web for “Xenyx 802USB Linux” lists a few pages of users that have it working. – I don’t know this first hand though.

PS. Practical hint: if a USB device works with iOS or modern MacOS (driver-less, no extra software required). It will also work with Linux.

(Macdroid53) #3

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I may not have worded my question the way I meant.

I’m aware Ardour does not interact with the hardware perse.

My point of mentioning the X32 was to say it (and the OS) presents whatever ports the user of the X32 specifies.

The question about the Xenyx is what ports it presents. The docs don’t specify and there is no UI on the device like the X32.

As you, I did a search and found no specifics of what channels are presented. (though one review mentioned, in passing, it presented all the inputs and outputs, but still no specifics.)

I do not own or have access to any apple products. I assume the X32 is works because of the modern driver-less USB implementation on it and Linux, it works, so haven’t pursued it any further.