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So I hooked up 3 Roland Boutique devices to Ardour.
All showing up with the string “Boutique MIDI 1 [1]” to [3]. Pretty vague if you ask me.
Anyway, when I ran the ‘lsusb’ command I got “Roland Corp. Boutique” which is clearly not any better.
So I fiddled arround and added the devices to a usb.ids file:
ID 0582:01ff Roland Corp. Boutique D-05
ID 0582:028e Roland Corp. Boutique JX-08
ID 0582:028c Roland Corp. Boutique JD-08
And submitted them to the global usb.ids database.

Still, no change in output.
Seems systemd is active in this field as well these days with something called hwdb.
So I added the next section to /etc/udev/hwdb.d/20-usb-vendor-model.hwdb and ran some commands like ''systemd-hwdp update", “udevadm hwdb --update” and “udevadm trigger”.
ID_MODEL_FROM_DATABASE=Roland Corp. Boutique D-05

ID_MODEL_FROM_DATABASE=Roland Corp. Boutique JX-08

ID_MODEL_FROM_DATABASE=Roland Corp. Boutique JD-08

And after a reboot the ‘lsusb’ command now gives me:
Bus 007 Device 003: ID 0582:028e Roland Roland Corp. Boutique JX-08
Bus 007 Device 002: ID 0582:028c Roland Roland Corp. Boutique JD-08
Bus 003 Device 003: ID 0582:01ff Roland Roland Corp. Boutique D-05

Still, Ardour keeps saying “Boutique MIDI 1 [1]” to [3].

Is there some way I can make this output more descriptive?
Is there some way our great development team could use strings like from ‘lsusb’?

Love to hear some thoughts on this.

Jeroen Baten

We generally try to rely on the audio/MIDI device driver layer on any given OS to provide whatever naming exists. So for Linux, it’s really ALSA that you want to change.

Assuming you know a lot more about this than me, and given the fact that I am willing to create and submit a patch where needed, can you somehow point me in the right direction? Maybe repo and hopefully the dir or routine you call so I can pick it from there? Please? Pretty please? :slight_smile:

Ardour (really everything audio on Linux like JACK, pipewire, etc eventually) uses ALSA [1] which completely abstracts soundcard I/O from the hardware and bus interface.

To list soundcards and their names run:

aplay -l

As for how ALSA names devices, I don’t know the details. The ardour code that queries the names can be found at [2], which is similar to what aplay -l does.

[1] ALSA project - the C library reference: Index, Preamble and License
[2] ardour/ at e66a7571542b9c91136a1eccd3317a7495dc3431 · Ardour/ardour · GitHub

A quick web search for “use asoundrc to change device names” found


Well, I guess I can tweak my setup using asoundrc to show me nice names,
but, without trying to sound like a megalomaniac, I like to change it
‘for the world’. :slight_smile:

Hence the search for where to start my work on this.



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