USB-C adaptor changes audio sample rate

For audio output I usually connect my computer to headphones or speakers via a mini jack cable. The port on my laptop recently broke so I’m using the USB-C port with a USB-C to mini jack adaptor (one which came with a Google Pixel 2 phone).

My Jack sample rate is set to 44100 and so are my Ardour projects. When I use the USB-C adaptor and load a project Ardour warns that there’s a sample rate mismatch.


It appears that using this adaptor for some reason sets the sample rate to 48000, even though it is set to 44100 in Jack. Is there any way around this. Is this something that is just standard with USB-C adaptors?

I’m running Ardour 5.12.0 on Ubuntu 19.04 on a Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 15.

A lot of modern cheap soundcards, also some onboard HDA Intel, only support 48kHz. It’s not USB specific.

There’s no easy way around this with Ardour 5.12. The best you can do is start jackd at 44.1k using the dummy driver: jackd -d dummy -r 44100 -p 1024 and then add your soundcard using alsa-I/o. e.g. alsa_out -d hw:2 -r 48000 (change hw:2 to match your USB device)

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Your usb to audio jack adapter has a 48000 only DAC in it. This is quite common as the windows SR standard (for that matter everything besides CDs) is 48000. Best thing to do is use jack, set the jack master device to your internal head phones and run zita-j2a for your USB phonejack… only one problem with this is that when you use jack for a session where alsa was previously used, the port connections may not line up. zita-j2a will provide the SRC you need to keep your pitch right. It would seem you need to start your next project with 48000.

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