Urei 1176 kompressor plugin

I’m looking for a Plaugin for Ardor under Linux, which simulates the sound of the legendary Urei 1176 compressor.
There are countless plugins for Mac or Windows systems, but I found another one for Linux - I don’t like to use VST, that’s too cumbersome for me.

Try the ‘limiter’ mode on the built in compressor in Harrison Mixbus?


Does it have to be a 1176 style compressor? OvertoneDSP has a nice Fairchild 670 emulated plugin that has a linux version:

There isn’t one.

1176 is a FET compressor. There are many Windows 1176 plugs which can be used with LinVST, but no native linux emulations.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have now decided on the Harris TC-LC Lookahead Compressor. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s also very good.
I haven’t figured out how to properly install VST plugins yet, so it is very convenient to use the Harrison plugins at the moment as they are preinstalled.

Installing VST plugins can be very useful, maybe we can help about that? :slight_smile:

If you install them through your package manager, chances are Ardour will scan them automatically.
If you install them manually you might have to add their path to Ardour though.

Be aware that this is for Linux VST plugins. If you want to run Windows VST plugins on linux things are a little bit more complicated. You could use Carla or yabridge for example.

Ja, perhaps you can help me.

OK I have the installer. But where ist the VST Plungin Foulder?

Thanks! I got it.

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