Upgrading Ardour from 2.3 Ubuntu Studio

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cant find the answer easily to this so would appreciate any help

I have a “pretty stable” Ubuntu studio set up with Ardour 2.3, hydrogen, Linuxsampler and Rosegarden all working relatively well together after lots of setting up.

Howevere under serious “load” Ardour tends to shut down unexpectedly.

I want to upgrade to Ardour 2.8 ( ideally with vst support, but aiming for stability rather than VST really i guess )" to se if that will help matters.

Question is - I have lots of unfinished projects at the moment - so…
Is it possible to compile 2.8 from source alongside the existing Ardour 2.3 - can I have both installed at same time or will 2.8 overwrite 2.3 ? What will happen to my unfinished projects from 2.3 ?

can i compile a .deb package frm the source code to install on Ubuntu Studio ?

Sorry for all the questions …


You can leave the original package installed. If you compile and install ardour from source using the default settings, the new ardour will be installed in /usr/local/bin/ardour2. The version from the original package will be in /usr/bin/ardour2. So you can choose whether to run the old one or the new one.



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Ah ,

I also see on google that i may be able to install 2.8.1 from www.getdeb.net as a preconfigure .deb file for Hardy - would that be quicker and not overwrite the existing Ardour2.3 ?


If you install that it will remove the existing package, unless they specifically designed it to co-exist with an older version, which I very much doubt.

Yes it will overwrite the existing package but leave all projects intact. I just did the same thing.

Hello, could someone please help me install Ardour 2.8.2 in Jaunty Jackalope?
I have downloaded it, now I was wondering what do you extract the file to?
Thank you for the help
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You would want to download the appropriate file from there, then open it with the Add/Remove Programs dialog (I believe that is what its called, been some time since I used Ubuntu). If you download the file from Ardour’s website, what you are getting is the source code that would need to be compiled before it could be installed.