Upgrading 4.2 to 4.4

I’m on KXStudio 14.04 with Ardour 4.2 installed.

I have downloaded 4.4 from https://community.ardour.org/s/buy but I’m not sure if I just install it on top of 4.2. Will this automatically upgrade Ardour and keep all JACK connections, settings, etc.?

As far as I know, the jack connectios are in the .ardour file, so the should be manteined.
The settings, the same, but I am not so sure.
About it will install on top of 4.2, I cannot say anything.

Installs from ardour.org are 100% parallell installable both with other installs from ardour.org and also with the versions from linux distributions. You can install 3.5, 4.2, 4.4 and some future 5.7 version all at the same time.

The only shared files are your preferences, key bindings etc found in ~/.config/ardour4.

Perfect, thanks! Installed and everything runs like clockwork. Excellent piece of software :slight_smile: