upgraded to 2.3 - sessions won't open


I just upgraded Ubuntu Studio from ‘gutsy’ to ‘hardy’, which also upgraded Ardour… now some of my sessions won’t open. An error dialog pops up then vanishes after about a second, so I haven’t been able to copy and paste the error message here. Is there a log file anywhere which would contain the relevant info to this problem? I can upload and link to the .ardour file if that would be of any use.


Please never ever report problems with ardour with a version number. The program changes several times a week, and we have users who track the bleeding edge, or are stuck at 2.0.5. Its not possible to know if the problem you are reporting is already solved without this information.

Hi Paul,

I’m confused… Do you mean ‘Please never ever report problems with ardour without a version number’? If so, the problem first appeared on upgrading to 2.3, as stated in the original subject line.

If that wasn’t a typo, please let me know what information would be more useful than a version number so I can try to post it here.

ok, after having a look in the issue tracker, I’m fairly certain I am experiencing this:


the sessions which won’t load are the ones with a track called ‘click’.

I am going to have a go at building 2.4.1 and see if that fixes this problem - if not I may have to manually edit the xml to rename these tracks?


2.4.1 still didn’t open the session, although it showed me the error dialog without crashing.

in the end, I opened the .ardour file in a text editor and changed all occurrences of ‘click’ to ‘metronome’ except:

-in the name of the .wav file in the <Sources> tag
-in the system click track info in the <Click> tag

hopefully this info will be of use if anyone else has the same problem.

It is also fixed in a somewhat different way in the upcoming 2.5 release. Glad you got it figured out.