Updating to Ardour 2.0.5 - Terminal window operations needed...


I have Ubuntu Studio and my actual software is Ardour 2.0.
On the Ardour website and in the last package, I have found no complete information
on how to upgrade to the newest version. Can’t you tell me briefly the steps to do in
the terminal window to make it works. I got all drivers needed. That’s the kind on thing I dislike on Linux. The best thing would be to add a repository to download from on the system startup.

EDIT: for jackd, you might need the SVN version (devlopement version)

get subversion. In a shell :

apt-get install subversion
svn co http://subversion.jackaudio.org/jack/trunk/jack jack_svn
cd jack_svn
make && make install


what is it you want to do ? compile it yourself ?
if so, it’s not too difficult if you know debian and are comfortable with a linux/unix shell (I only use ubuntu studio for all the tons of packages that came with it but in fact, I administer it like my other debian PCs).

So, from a shell, with admin priviledges, do the following :

     apt-get build-dep ardour

you will get quite a few things to accept for download
(by the way, I immediately switched to gutsy as my preferred version of ubuntu, so beware, the dependencies might be dfferent than festy’s;)

get the 2.0.5 tarball of ardour2
in a shell, in /usr/src for example, type

     tar jxvf path_to_where_you_downloaded_ardour2-2.0.5.bz2 

wait for the package to be bunzipped and untarred, and then

     cd ardour-2.0.5
     scons (optionally, add -j number_of_compiling_processes, I personally use 4 with my Core 2 Duo, so "scons -j 4")
     scons install

It will install ardour2 in /usr/local/bin.
So be careful with the PATH environment variable :slight_smile:

Another thing, you will also need the latest jackd. Ah crap, you need that first! ardour2 will not compile without it. You will have to go through the same process :

     apt-get build-dep jackd

then get the tarball from jackit.sf.net
unpack it, cd into it and instead of using scons, use the ./configure script that came with it.

      make && make install

it will install stuff in /usr/local/{lib/bin/share/man}

Then you will need newer versions of many sound apps (most of them - not all - are in gutsy). It’s because jackd has changed something that makes festy versions of these apps not working (at least in ubuntu studio).
One thing that you might need to compile is qjackctl if the packaged one does not work anymore (even the gutsy version). Then you will have to tell qjackctl to use /usr/local/bin/jackd and NOT /usr/bin/jackd! I don’t remember precisely all my steps through this but this was rather straightforward for the old linux user I am :slight_smile:

Enjoy the process, that way, you will get closer to the real linux

PS: by the way, there was one ardour compiling issue, there’s a flag somewhere in ardour-2.0.5/libs/gtkmm2/gtk/gtkmm/toolbar.cc, namely #define GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED which I had to comment out because my version of GTK2+ did not like this flag … no sweat, do comment it out (add // in front of it, it’s C++ code) if you get a compile error because of this file.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Ardour 2.05 is happy with Ubuntu feisty’s jack version (0.102.20), only SVN trunk currently needs latest-and-greatest jackd. That makes it hugely easier to run an up-to-date ardour on ubuntu.

oh yeah, you’re right :slight_smile: I was using ardour svn just before 2.0.5 came out, thus the need for the newest jackd …

To get VSTs support on Ardour, what are the steps
you need to have in the installing operations.