updating to 3.5.14


I sort of don’t know how to update. I downloaded 3.5.14, extracted it and double-clicked on install.sh, but it just opens the file in gedit. So, being quite new here, what is it that I missed?


Which OS? (you most likely need to make the install.sh executable - right click on it and go to properties and then check ‘allow executing as a program’ or something similar - on linux. Then when you next double click it, it should start the install)

*OS - e.g. which distribution etc?

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Ubuntu Studio (12.04)

In that case if you right click the Install.sh , select ‘properties’ from the menu, then go to the ‘permissions’ tab you should be able to check ‘Allow executing file as program’. This should make the install.sh script executable, and if you then double click it, it should start the install process instead of opening it in gedit.

Hurry, hurry, 3.5.74 was released today.

You don’t need to make install.sh executable. Just unpack the tarball that you download, cd into the directory/folder it creates, and type: sh ./install/sh

Thanks, downloaded and installed .74. Works fine. However, the install issued a WARNING : apparently my system uses ‘frequency scaling’. I searched here and there but found nothing on how to disable it on Ubuntu Studio (12.04)

Found it here: http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/system_configuration