updating to 2.2

i would like to update to version 2.2. i am currently at 2.05.
can i do this with synaptic? if yes, how?
i use ubuntu 7.10.

If 2.05 is the latest version in the ubuntu repository then that is as up to date as you can get with synaptic/apt. To my knowledge there is no repository with an ardour 2.2 deb (opens the door to be proven wrong). You can however build ardour 2.2 from source fairly easily.
This thread should get you started (and hopefully finished as well): http://ardour.org/node/1186


if you installed ardour via ubuntu’s repository, it will be updated just like any other package installed on your system when there is an update to the repository.

that being said, you should probably be asking on the appropriate ubuntu package maintainer forums when there would be an updated ardour package. the developers here do not control how the distributions update their software collections.

thanks for your replies!