Updating links for plugin compatibility

Can this link be updated somewhere to manual.ardour.org? I was having a difficult time finding it again somewhere from a prior thread …

I’m using it to pass onto a plugin bugreport for a particular vendor that makes plugins, and I was having a hard time finding it… I now have it bookmarked, but it would be easier if it were linked from the official document pages…


Most of this was collected from a thread I wrote on ardour-dev, and I think it’s mainly relevant for developers. It doesn’t really have a good place in ardour’s reference manual.

Do you a place in mind where this would fit?

yes, for plugin developers that users who would like to reference it… I’ve referenced it to a commercial plugin developer and perhaps it may be of some value… I’ve done this with another plugin developer, and it helped convinced them to make their plugins static-built. Could be a viable means of reference to help users inform Linux plugin developers to re-consider things.


I was thinking maybe in the troubleshooting section… as nobody is interested in hearing problems until much later. :slight_smile: