Updating from Demo to Paid Version


I have looked at various posts on the site before creating this one. I downloaded the free demo version of Ardour earlier this year to test it out. It is magnificent, and I am very pleased with it. I am running on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, and the inability to save AU plugin settings proved to be the tipping point: I tested the software, fell in love, and the demo version limitations were pesky enough while still allowing me the functionality to export. Wise choice in limitations! I have paid and am now ready to update.

I made a purchase for a download while logged in (as far as I can tell), and I now have the .dmg file of the full, paid version sitting on my Desktop. My concern is this: what should I take into consideration before updating to the full version? Do I need to remove/preserve any files from the demo version, uninstall it, etc.? I am concerned that just running the .dmg will install Full Ardour over Demo Ardour, and something won’t work. I have backed up my project files, but wonder what else I need to consider.

Does anyone have experience with this? What recommendations would you make? Are there obvious pitfalls to be avoided? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a phenomenal project and software, and I regularly tell everyone I encounter about it. Thanks for Ardour.


@jinxiaoyu: glad you’re happy to use Ardour. You don’t need to do anything. You can even leave both “versions” in place (although there’s really no reason to do so). They will use the same preferences and settings, and they will both handle the same sessions (except that the demo one will not load/save plugin settings, so do not use it on a session with important plugin settings).

version…2.8.16 intel mac osx

I also started with the demo. Liked it a lot. Paid, albeit not much, for the full (baby steps…if I like this, I subscribe). Removed demo. Downloaded, installed full. Problem: AU plugins still not saving; my computer’s (mac) under the impression I’m still running the demo…

Help greatly appreciated.

What version?