Update X touch Firmware? anyone done this on Linux

My X touch is out of date re the Firmware.
How do you update the firmware on Linux, seems you need a windows box.
Cheers All

Hi Bob,

I had the same problem and found this solution:

  1. Download firmware from behringer.com (e.g. X-TOUCH_Firmware_V1.21.zip)

  2. Find alsa hw name of midi device with amidi -l (e.g. hw:1,0)

  3. Make sure that no program is using the midi device (e.g. killall jackd, killall a2jmidid)

  4. Send X-Touch into firmware update mode by holding “DISPLAY” button while powering on

  5. Connect X-Touch to computer with 5-pin DIN MIDI connector (USB connection did not work for me for firmware update although I do use it when working with X-Touch)

  6. Unzip downloaded firmware file (e.g. unzip X-TOUCH_Firmware_V1.21.zip)

  7. Send sysex data via midi to X-Touch device:
    amidi -p hw:1,0 -s X-TOUCH_sysex_update_1-21_1-04.syx -i 100

  8. Wait until finished (takes some time, you will see numbers counting in the X-Touch display; X-Touch will reboot automatically when finished)



Thank you so much for this.
Away at mo do we connect midi to pc via midi to USB cable?
I have no midi on pc.


I just tried again updating using the USB connection, but it simply does not work; the X-Touch display shows “12” and then “14” and then nothing happens.

When using the 5-pin DIN MIDI connection, it works.

To connect to the computer, I have used the MIDI port on either M-Audio Delta 1010LT or my USB MIDI interface ESI M4U eX successfully.

I don’t know why the simple USB connection does not work for update at my setup. You might try it nevertheless, perhaps it works for you.


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