Update for OSX Lion

Having purchased Ardour on the advice of a friend and paid a donation for using it,
I am dismayed to find that when opening the app in Lion on my iMac it crashes every time.
What can I do?

Wait pretty much.

At the moment Lion support is coming and has progressed decently, it will be included in the next version of Ardour. Ill let Paul answer the financial side of it, but you may need to donate $1 to get the updated version as I believe only the subscription comes with unlimited updates.

I will note that it is only now that most audio manufacturers are certifying their products work with Lion, it is usually a bad idea to upgrade to quick when you are depending on audio software. Hindsight 20/20 and all that though.


On aug 17th, Paul wrote in this thread: http://ardour.org/node/4530

“A new version to be released this week will run on 10.7 (Lion) as well.”

The week is kind of a long one :slight_smile: , but it seems to be on its way. Can’t wait to try it!

Yes there is one more bugfix that is being worked on, that is taking a while as it is a fairly deep fix, for this release. Once that is done we should have a new release.


Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Same here, pity it doesn’t tell us Lion users (its what came on my imac!) this on the download page!

@davkt: it does now. Lion version will be out by September 5th.

Cool! Looking forward to it and will stop desperately trying to make the current one work now (and the imac is now safe from being reprogrammed with a big hammer!)

Any update on a potential date for beta 1?

@gahr: no update. 2.8.12 needs to be released first (mostly to add OS X Lion support), plus I’m also busy with an unrelated project for a little while. It will quite a while, because work on testing instrument plugins on OS X hasn’t begun yet, and I don’t intend to release something that I haven’t even made an attempt to check.

@paul, that’s fine, what I really need is Lion support (which I thought was going to come with beta 1). Any plan for 2.8.12, then?

Any updates or ETAs on Lion support?

@iamdooser: i’m still trying to finish work on non-lion related changes to 2.X. everything is ready to be released as soon as i get an issue with capture alignment fixed. working on it every day.

Thank you very much, Paul! I’m going to try the new Mac OS X release!

Works great so far; thanks!

So having paid for it when it didn’t work (and didn’t say it didn’t work) on Lion do I have to pay pay again to get a working version?

@davkt: send me the PayPal transaction ID or Invoice ID, and if its still within the PayPal refund period I’ll happily refund you the whole amount. There’s no mechanism to apply a payment for a previous version to a new one unless you were logged in to ardour.org when you made the payment, in which case the upgrade is free (as always). paul@linuxaudiosystems.com