update "Current subscription status"

ahoy Paul and others.

just had a quick question that i believe i saw mentioned in a previous post, but my searches have been incorrectly worded so far.

i wanted to know how to update my “Current subscription status” in my Ardour.org Drupal account?

i made a one time donation a few months ago, and also have been (and continue to be) a monthly subscriber. i usually get the Ardour releases via Gentoo portage, but i recently needed to try Ardour on Mac OS X, and so needed to download the binary from Ardour.org. the download page indicated that i was not a subscriber+donater, so i wanted to update the info. my account on Ardour.org also does not have my subscription status.

thanks in advance for the help.

peace, w

this means you did not login to ardour.org before becoming a subscriber. i used to offer to connect these “orphaned” subscriptions to their ardour.org accounts, but to be honest, the work involved has made me back off on this offer. it takes 4-6 mins per user. let me know your paypal email address, and i might get to it. otherwise, sorry. really.

I’d wondered about this too. AFAICT, renewing the subscription doesn’t update the subscription status on ardour.org. Would cancelling and re-subscribing do the trick?

it would.

ahoy Paul,

thanks for the reply. when i subscribed, i believe i did log in so i could get the subscription links in the Ardour.org account. however, i had picked my own donation amount. perhaps that made the difference? of course, i could have done something wrong as well. i appreciate the offer to fix it, though obviously do not want to take too much time from 3.0. i just canceled my subscription and re-subscribed using one of the pre-set amounts and that seems to have worked. sorry i did not think of that sooner.

peace, w

Well, just did this. Did it in the reverse order, though; created the second subscription while logged in; then went to paypal and deleted the ‘orphan’ subscription.