Update Ardour 7.2 to 7.3

Hello, I installed Ardor 7.2 on Win 10. How should I go about updating to Ardor 7.3? Remove 7.2 and install 7.3, or install 7.3 without removing 7.2?
I’m happy about the answer.

You can do as you like. You can run both versions at the same time if you want to but usually you can’t open projects created with a newer version with the older app. So you can keep the old version and uninstall it later or you can install after uninstalling the old one or you can keep the old version forever.

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I’m not sure that the Windows installer will let you keep an earlier minor version, i.e. you can keep 6.9, but 7.3 will probably ask to remove 7.2 before installing 7.3.

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Minor versions of the same major version will collide BUT you (the user) can choose a custom install location for each/some version if you choose. This allows you to keep whichever versions you want, for as long as you want.

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Thanks a lot, now I’m sure I’m not doing the wrong thing.

It looks like the Ardour 7.3 installer wants to remove the 7.2. For my part, that’s not too tragic, I don’t have an extensive project on the Windows computer yet.

Thanks for the fantastic DAW program !

You can click “Cancel” in the uninstaller to opt out at that stage

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Now that they say it! Thank you very much.

Will the update preserve all my settings in the preferences and so on?

Yes, on windows they are saved in %localappdata$\Ardour7, and not removed by the uninstaller.

However, “and so on” does not include custom keyboard shortcuts. Those are version dependent.

Are the settings preserved on Linux as well?

On Linux preferences are always preserved unless you chose “purge” when uninstalling. Even then only system prefs may be deleted while user prefs (in /home/$USER/.local /home/$USER/.config/ or /home/$USER/.$APPNAME ) will be left alone.

Hi, is the update to 7.3 referenced here free (and safe) if my 7.2 came with AV Linux?

I think I know the answer, I just want avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Thank you

It is 100% safe, but you will need to pay a one-time fee or become a subscriber in order to download a non-demo copy of the 7.3 installer from this site.

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