Up-Front Processing on Input

I didnt see this anywhere in the manual. How do I apply effects (say EQ+LIM) to an audio input, so what gets captured is already processed to some degree?
This is as opposed to creating an effect chain above a fader to sweeten something already recorded.
Thanks everyone.

I’m pretty sure that this isn’t currently possible (or at least not without convoluted routing setups), but that it is tentatively planed for 6.0.

If you really, really need this for some reason, you could create a bus with your processing, feed the inputs into that, and feed the outputs of the bus into the track that you want to record on.

adotm is completely correct about the current situation and the best solution for the present time.

Note also that you almost never want to record the wet signal. All the usual cited reasons are generally wrong, and having a wet signal will complicate your life.