Unselect - Playhead nudging

How can I assure there is no selection active. Sometimes I want to nudge the playhead and inadvertently nudge a marker or region. I’m finding it a mater of pure luck to unselect a marker.

Could I set a shortcut specifically for playhead nudging?


The Escape key cancels selection.

Ah! but not in Draw or Internal Edit Mode? That’s when i’m stuck with a stubborn selected marker. Is that a bug?

Seems like a bug with even larger scope than that. Escape also doesn’t cancel MIDI region selection. If you haven’t noticed that, it suggests you might still be using 5.12 ?

6.0. midi region seems to cancel notwithstanding those modes

here it cancels note selection within a region, but not the region itself, and so nudge will move the region. but yes, it also doesn’t cancel marker selection either.

definitely a bug.

meanwhile, there is an action for “nudge-playhead-forward” and “nudge-playhead-backward” (already in the Transport > Playhead menu, and should be in the “Global” keyboard binding tab, under “Common”.

Would you like me to lodge a bug-tracker thingy?

that would useful, please do. sorry it requires a separate account.

Damn, I had to step away briefly while doing the account activation and it timed out. Now the activation link is invalid and the signup form says my email is in use! I’m hoping it might reset in a little while…

Finally got in and logged it.

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