Unpredictable scale issues with session setup and some buttons

Unpredictable scale issues with session setup and some buttons :

When starting Ardour ( 8.6 ) the session setup window and the buttons like punch in / out, disable pdc, follow range, auto return have a wrong ( bigger ) scale.
This happens mostly 90% but not always, behaviour is unpredictable.
The solution is to change the color theme ( in prefs > appearence > colors ), when doing so the buttons are ‘scaled down’ from the bigger size to normal size, looking coherent with the rest of Ardours GUI.

Kind Regards, Laurent.

System :
MXLinux 23.2 / KDE Plasma 5.27.5. ( based on Debian 12.5 )

Whose build of Ardour? If not the one from ardour.org, please try the free/demo versionthat we provide (it can be installed in parallel with whatever you have) and see if that does the same thing.

Thank you Paul for the fast reply,

I’ve build Ardour myself.
The demo version doesn’t seem to have this small issue at least on my system.

What’s strange, when I start Ardour and the session setup window appears, this window and the text listed from recent sessions is bigger. As said, not always but most of time…
When the session setup window is bigger, after loading a session the gui buttons are also bigger
In Ardour prefs > size and scale ; gui and fontscaling are set to 100%.

  • It seems that after a session is loaded, changing and reloading the color theme changes scale of some gui elements to the intended size, and it isn’t saved because you have to repeat this workflow each time after starting Ardour and loading a session., when the gui scale is off.

Not a showstopper, but maybe any idea’s what could be causing this ?
Thank you for this superb linux application !

Have a nice weekend, Regards, Laurent.

System themes interfering with Ardour’s own. Our executable prevents this from being possible.

…maybe ; if Ardours color theme could be invoked on application startup, this issue is tackled.
I haven’t seen similar behaviour with other applications.

PS. I would like to support developement, but after paypal’s change to charge for an inactive account ( after purchase a license for another application, didn’t use them for more then a year ), I did quit them.

Nevertheless, ‘big thank you’ to all the gifted developers working on Ardour !!

The problem is in GTK2’s code: it cannot deal with loading 2 color themes. Any attempt to do so causes an endless loop. One day we might fix that since GTK is now part of our codebase. You would see it in any other application that (a) used GTK (b) defined a color theme (c) was running on a system where the system theme also defines a color theme. This is a rare combination indeed.

makes sense, thank you for this explanation Paul.