Unlock plugin controls


First please apologize if this as already been discussed, but I couldn’t find the answer. I am using Ardour 4.7.0 on Debian Sid, with Calf plugins from Debian repositories.

When using Calf equalizer 30 bands as an Ardour plugin, most of the controls are locked: I can “drag” them with the mouse, but they go back to default as soon as I release them. The only exceptions are the two “Gain scale” (and the generic “In level”, “Bypass” and “Out level”).

This problem does not appear with others Calf equalizers or if I use this plugin on the Calf host. This makes me think that Ardour has locked the settings, maybe to use it with some hardware equalizer (that I never had).

Would you have an idea about how to unlock it ? Do not hesitate if you want me to provide more information.

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This is a bug in the Debian version of Calf plugins. It has been solved in recent git, and I think the calf-git package of kxstudio has the fix.

(IIRC all controls were wrongly marked as output values only or something like that)

Thanks for the tip! I finally found the confirmation on https://github.com/calf-studio-gear/calf/issues/63

I also just created the Debian bug report at https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=829737 to hopefully solve this issue.