Unknown Worlds, by Bones in the Walls

New single release today, made entirely in Ardour. We’re a duo, so the sound is a bit minimal between the two of us, but we embrace it.

It starts as a pretty hazy indie folk, but ends a bit more western/americana. We’re nearly done with an entire album of similar styled songs, all sort of western/dreampop style pretty typical of the Tucson Arizona area (if you’re familiar with Calexico or Giant Sand, etc).

All made on Ardour, and Ubuntu Studio. I’ve been using Ardour now for 2-3 years and It’s just gotten better and better. Love everything happening with it, and am so grateful for this forum, the manual, and the folks like Unfa making insightful videos.

Here’s what makes up this tune’s production:

Calf Compressors/limiters
EQ10Q Stereo EQ
Calf Saturator
TAP AutoPanner
Dragonfly’s wonderful Plate and Hall reverb
Calf Vintage Delay
GxAmplifier Fender Sim to add back in a bit more amp sound.

Recorded using the U-Phoria UMC404HD interface
Album art done in GIMP and Inkscape

Streaming everywhere, the link provided is to Bandcamp, hope y’all dig it!


Really enjoyed that. I like the production with muted vocal effect there and the theremin like instrument at the end. Listening, in my mind I’m walking in the desert at night when I reach an old abandoned frontier town. But it feels like another planet. Thanks! :vulcan_salute:

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Thanks so much for your comments. Your description was 100% what we were going for. The rest of the album is similarly vibed. It’s all sort of cinematic space western. I’ve been using photos and art lately to guide our music’s imagery, and you may be pleased to see how close your description was to the original concept.


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This is hauntingly beautiful. I absolutely love it. Hooked right from the start.

Gonna check out your other releases now. Thanks for sharing!


I’m so glad it resonates with you! And thanks for deep diving into our other tunes. Our Earlier stuff is a bit more retro-rock/Americana, and I was still learning production skills, but the album we’re putting out this year will be about 11 tracks similar to Unknown Worlds. Some harder and some softer but all in the musical palette.

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Your early stuff is no joke either.

Rockabilly, Americana, and Dark Western is a large part of my musical vocabulary, so I’m eating this up.

BTW, I also dig your cover of RRH.

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Red Right Hand! What a song!

I wanted our cover to keep the soul of the original intact, but just push it a little bit more uptempo and rowdy-- but without hitting you over the head with it.

Glad you dig it!

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Well it worked, that is exactly what I received from the song pyschosonically!

I really like the art there too.

Let us know when you put out the album. Looking forward to hearing it. :vulcan_salute:

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@BonesInTheWalls This is great fun! For a little bit I was wondering if there would be a spaghetti western trumpet solo in there somewhere :wink:

I always love find out that somebody is using the Dragonfly Reverb plugins for yet another genre. Are you on the Linux Musicians Forum? Some folks over there would appreciate this one for sure, and not all of them frequent the Ardour forum.

I went and listened to some of your previous work, and I would love to hear more in the future. Here’s a long distance fist bump from a full day drive to your north: :facepunch:

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Nice result ! Thanks for sharing


Haha, we have some other tunes were working on with a trumpet solos. We’ll see if they make it to the final mix.

We’re humbled to hear from you. We LOVE the Dragonfly Reverbs. There is a clear difference in our music’s sound the moment we started using those as our Go-To reverbs. So customizable, so easy to use, perfect for our needs, and I love the sound we get from them.

I haven’t checked out the Linux Musicians Forum, I’ll take a look for sure. And thanks for listening to our other stuff as well. Much appreciated!