Unit of fader numeric levels?

Hello. I searched trough the manual and this forum but couldn’t find explanation.

My “problem” is:
On the mixer strips the shown numeric value doesn’t match the number on the scale of the actual fader position.

I tried:
All available scale formats. None of them matches exactly the numeric values.

In which system does the numeric field show the fader position?
And shouldn’t it always match the chosen fader scale?
Is it configurable?

Do you mean that, the left side control 0 point doesn’t match with the right side meter 0 point?
They’re unrelated, just imagine them being a volume control and an independent loudness meter, they are together because makes sense putting them like that

What I mean is (on your example pic), that the numeric value in the left black box shows 0,0 but the fader-scale stands somewhere near -3. It is super weird that they don’t match.
(edit: And I know, that I can change the unit-system of the fader-scale with right-click. But none of them does match the values above)

The scale on the right applies to the meter, not the Fader.

Also note that Ardour supports different meter types. In the following screenshot the same signal is measured by different meters:


The meter type is shown bottom right on each meter-strip, here from left to right

  • Digital peak, up to +6dBFS
  • Digital peak, up to +0dBFS
  • IEC 60268-10 Type I / DIN
  • IEC 60268-10 Type IIa / BBC
  • K-20 / RMS type K-Meter

The digital peak in all cases is -16.0 dBFS (shown above the meter)

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I think darxmaster is confused because there is no visual indication they’re different tools, something like this:


And that’s the point, they are different tools, put side to side to optimize the screen “real state”.

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OK. That helped.
I really thought the scale would indicate the fader-position, too. As if they were a combined instrument.
Especially because there’s no optical separation.
Now is miss a proper fader-scale… :see_no_evil:

Thanks for the clarification! :bowing_man:

Glad to help. English is not my native language, so I wasn’t sure if what I said was what I meant.
About the fader scale, the left black rectangle (in my image) shows the current position of the fader control, something like a digital thermostat, or digital caliper. Hope you understand what I mean

It is an entry box, you can also type a value into it.

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