uninstall old version of A3

Hi folks,

for an unknowed reason, early this morning have rm -r the old Ardour3 directory WITHOUT uninstall.

Now, what I like to do is compile .403 from git, and no problem to git clone but the very question is : how to uninstall the old version before install the new one ??

IIRC, it’s a very bad idea to have more than one install living on the same machine, so if somebody here have an idea it will be really appreciate !

(it was compiled from 3.5-378-g16a8762)

Thanks in advance

The executable bundles from ardour.org are intended to be parallel installable. You can have as many versions as you wish installed. They can also be parallel installed with versions obtained from Linux repositories. There is no problem with doing this at all, and it is intentional, allowing you to “upgrade” without removing older versions.

If you do want to uninstall, there is a script inside the /opt tree that will take care of it. Installing a new binary bundle from ardour.org will ask if you want to run this.

Thanks for the quick answer Paul !
Would you said that there is no problem with parallell installs from the command line (I compile from git to include the french translation) ?

./waf install does not, by itself result in parallel-installable stuff but also does not overwrite binary bundles or distribution versions.

note the ./waf install may also be broken from time to time in git. most of us developers do not run ./waf install, but use the ./ardev script to test ardour without installing, most of the time.