Uninstall Ardour 5.12 before installing 6.9?

Hi family:
I started with Ardour 5.12 from a Ubuntu package. Should I uninstall it before installing Ardour 6.9? Doing so, will I lose my projects?

Ardour is awesome… 5.12 already! I will update mainly for the virtual MIDI keyboard :wink:


Different major versions of Ardour can be installed in parallel.
There is no need to uninstall Ardour 5 before installing Ardour6.

But, if you save a project in Ardour6, Ardour5 can no longer load it.

When you first open a project in A6 a backup of the session-file is automatically created in case you later want to use it in Ardour 5 again.

There are subtle differences, in particular Ardour 6 features latency compensation for Busses and Automation. An Ardour 5 project may sound slightly different in Ardour 6 for that reason, so you may even want to keep Ardour5 around if you have to export a project again.

Thanks Robin for the Quick answer!

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