Unhiding hidden tracks?

Hi all.

Got what I hope is an easy question. Trying to unhide tracks that I’ve previously hidden, and can’t figure how to do so. The manual directs me to:

“Click on the titlebar of the track list of the Editor or Mixer. From the menu that appears, select “Show All””

I’m not sure where this title bar is? Can anybody help, or possibly provide a screenshot of where it is I’m to be clicking?


@onewayness: left hand side of the editor window has a set of tabs. Go to the Tracks & Busses tab. Click the checkbox to make the now-hidden track visible again.


What Paul meant to say is that the RIGHT-hand side of the editor window has a set of tabs… For screenshot see here…


And specifically to learn about it, see here…



left … right … what’s 180° between friends?

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Paul / blade:

Thanks! Found it. I’m working with small screen real estate, so it just wasn’t visible…


Since I was here looking for help with this, I’ll add that the View > Show Editor List option is what displayed the track list for me.

Thanks for the help!