Understanding grid mode rulers

There’s something that I just don’t understand about the visual rules/guides when activating Grid Mode.
If I choose “Bar” as Grid Mode, then a ruler is drawn for every bar along the timeline, so far so good:

But if I choose “1/4 Note” as Grid Mode, there is not drawn a ruler for every 1/4th note along the timeline. Instead, it seems like for every third 1/4th note in a bar, there is no ruler drawn:

Why is that? I’m pretty sure rulers was drawn for every 1/4th note in Ardour 5?

Zoom in. Ardour 6 avoid drawing too dense grid-lines.

I’d say I’m zoomed pretty far in at this point:

I can zoom even further, with no ruler appearing.
Is there any way I can customize the density? Who’s to say what’s too dense?

Actually the 1/4 note gridlines are there in your 2nd screenshot and also the ones on the zoomed-in screenshot.

Yes, Preferences > Editor > Snap > Approximate Grid/Ruler granularity (pixels).

The default is 25 pixels difference between each grid/snap point. Which is a reasonable mouse-move distance.

Are you refering to the indicators on the Bars & Beats ruler line itself? They are there indeed, but there are no vertical line drawn across the editor from every third 1/4th note in the bar. Which is what I’m after, as a visual guide.

I’d say it has to do with your theme template? maybe trying the default has all the lines shown.


You’re right! I’m using the Clear Gray color theme. When changing to a different theme, the lines appear.
Is there any way to modify this in the color theme template?

Edit: turns out I must have changed something I shouldn’t have in the color profile, as Restore Defaults made the ruler lines appear again

You can modify these lines through:


grid line major
grid line micro
grid line minor

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